2014 Summer Clay Pigeon Sprint

After breaking the class record several times at Clay Pigeon and still not having my name on it, I was determined to fix it.  A slow start in practice put me on a 74.44 coming into the timed runs, which was under the class record, but not under my best time.  In the first timed run, I put in a 73.35, followed by a 73.39 and a 72.90.  All three were under the class record and the final one half a second off my personal best when the chicane wasn't set out correctly.  I was happy with that and even happier that the club gave an extra run afterwards.

Wheel out of alignment

It was coming into the second lap of this final run that the moment happened.  I turned into the corner and heard a noise as the car spun to a halt.  I was bemused, thinking the chain had gone and locked the rear end.  It hadn't - the stud in the bottom of the upright keeping the wishbone attached had sheared.  The rear wheel was flapping in the wind and there was no lifting equipment for the recovery team.  I had to retrieve my trailer and winch it on with the help of all the marshals.  Lucky it happened there though, as the consequences of a similar failure at Castle Combe the following weekend would have been severe.

Broken Stud

Talking of Combe the following week, it was Sunday evening and scrutineering was at 07:30 on Saturday morning.  The stud, naturally, was not available off-the-shelf.  Luckily, Grant Motorsport stepped in and manufactured 3 new ones out of EN24 steel and removed the snapped off one from the upright as well as making a new brake line, which was nipped down to the braid.  McGill Motorsport supplied some new rod ends for the wishbones (one had broken in sympathy) and it was all finished with 10 hours to spare before scrutineering.  All I needed was some sleep!

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