2014 Supercar Saturday

After Clay Pigeon, I managed to score a double drive in a friend's Radical SR8 for the Pegasus Sprint in October.  It was cold and wet at the start of the day, but dried out for the timed runs, which was handy as we had no wets.  We had a close battle all day and whilst Chris had the lowest average time of the day between us, I managed the fastest time of the day and thanks to no single seaters at this event, I scored my first FTD!

Pegasus Sprint FTD

A week later, I was back at Castle Combe for Supercar Saturday to give rides to people who were kind enough to donate to the Stroke Association.  A £40 donation got them 5 laps around Castle Combe in 350 seconds overtaking traditional supercars like Ferraris, Porsches and Nissan GTRs.  Most were surprised at the difference in performance between a road car and a racing car, myself included.  It's not until you share the track with a road car that you realise just how fast a proper racing car is.  To exit the pits as a car flashes past on a flying lap only to overtake it on the exit of Quarry really brings it home.

A flying lap showed that the gearing was too short with the limiter in 6th being hit before Folly.  An extra tooth on the front sprocket for the Great Western Sprint, I think!  I did more laps in one day than I had done through 2013 and 2014 to that point.  Despite running around at 90% (it's demo laps afterall), I picked up some knowledge by playing around with lines and gears.  I also gained confidence at Tower and Camp.  The extra weight of a passenger brought the car closer to the ground and the sustained high speed led to much higher downforce than usual.  This snapped the four aluminium braces for the splitter and tore the crash box apart.

Crash box

Hasty repairs with new bolts, rivets and some aluminium got me back on track, but it didn't last and the whole splitter wore to nothing, grinding the skid plates off, the heads of the bolts holding the mounts in place and then wearing through the splitter itself.  Game over!

Front splitter damage

At this point, it's lucky that the winter break is here.  It's also lucky that I've been thinking about re-designing the splitter into a proper front diffuser instead of the cobbled effort of last winter.  Here's the first sketch to be tidied up before some CFD development....

Front diffuser

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