Remapping at the Dick Mayo Sprint

At the Dick Mayo Sprint, we experimented with boost to see if we could get a bit more power.  The base map was the original 200bhp map and we tweaked boost up between each run.  Looking at the boost vs RPM over the whole run, you can see that the boost was a lot more consistent at the original boost target than later on, which suggests the turbo is unable to flow enough.  We know the car's fitted with a restrictor and also the intercooler is a limitation.

Base map in first practice

Timed Run 1

Timed Run 2

Looking at this more closely, let's take a peek at the data down the Farm Straight on each run.  In first practice, the actual boost follows the target quite well.

Farm Straight in First Practice

In second practice with a little boost added the correlation is still quite good but there are a few wobbles on the purple boost trace versus the light blue target trace.  This is more pronounced than the trace in first practice.

Farm Straight in Second Practice

Over lunch, we brought boost targets up further and clearly this was more than the turbo could supply to the engine as there is a significant difference between the target and actual boost levels.

Farm Straight in First Timed Run

Despite this, we pushed for more boost in the next run and the delta remained in the final timed run.

Farm Straight in Second Timed Run

Next task is to remove the restrictor or machine it out.  Whilst it could simply be removed, the intake pipe would then foul the radiator pipe.

Turbo inlet restrictor

Before that though, I needed to replace the broken bodywork receptacles.

Bodywork receptacle

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