Now's your chance to sponsor the ADR Sport 2 you see here.  The car competes at around 12 events per year, attracting a great deal of attention when it does so.  The car is also displayed at various shows in the Bristol area.  As you've no doubt noticed, it's also well seen on the Internet!

  • Loan of the vehicle for static display, subject to availability (the car spends some time at race tracks).  You will be amazed at how much interest this car can generate, even when stood next to other racing cars.  On the high street, you will pull in large numbers of people.
  • A copy of the video from each event, a press release and some photos to use in your marketing.
  • Photo shoot of the car at a location of your choice within 30 miles of Bristol to use in your advertising material.  You need not be present as you're a busy company, so we'll arrange the shoot on your behalf and present you with the results.
  • Your company referenced in all promotional material for the team, including every article online and in print, flyers at events and YouTube videos.
  • An invitation to all our events to watch the racing, walk around the paddock and breathe in the motorsport atmosphere.
  • A large banner on the front of the car and a large banner on each side of the car.  The car could be changed to your corporate colours at additional cost.
  • Your logo in every video of the car and in the credits.  Videos are posted on YouTube after each event and broadcast via the Twitter feed.
  • A free website for your company if you don't already have one.

As an incentive, we'll also give your company two free racing school experiences to give to your employee of the year where they will be taught how to drive the ADR properly around a race track.

  • One-to-one tuition from an experienced driver.
  • One session driving a road car to learn the basics and find your way around the track.
  • Two sessions driving the ADR.
  • A high speed passenger ride in the ADR to experience just how quickly it can really go!
  • A DVD of the onboard footage with data logging overlay.
  • Photos of the lucky employees with the car.
  • A certificate to remember the day by.

Main Sponsor: £1250 for 12 months

Other packages are available.  Please get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.


Allow your customers to experience the feeling of lapping a race track at high speed.

  • Up to 12 people can experience 3 laps in the racing car.
  • Speeds of up to 120mph in a car with 440bhp/ton generating up to 1.8G in the corners.
  • Gazebo for your exclusive use with snacks and drinks supplied.
  • Certificate and DVD of onboard footage for your customers to keep.

£600 per day

Packages can be tailored to suit your needs and a choice of circuits are available.

Promotion and Marketing

A racing car is an eye-catching piece of art.  It's a talking point and it gathers people like no other marketing aid.  Having a bright orange sports racer at your premises or in a prominent location in a shopping centre or at a show is a great way of driving foot traffic to you.  Kids will queue up to sit in it whilst their parents find out about your products.  We'll provide the car, the flyers (and design them too if you need us to) and the people (including the driver) to engage with your customers and deliver some tangible results to you.

Please get in touch to discuss exactly what you need.

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