Roll On 2012

The car's been off having some work carried out to ready it for the start of the season.  Here's what's been done:

  • The chain tensioner has been fixed so it will tension the chain properly with all the ratios I have and now straps in place to prevent a failure like the one at Castle Combe last year.
  • The rear wing mount has been milled out and weight has dropped from 7.75kg to 2.5kg!
  • The rear diffuser mounts have been lightened too.
  • Wishbones intruding into the chassis have been covered to protect my legs in the case of an accident or the mounting shearing.
  • Driveshaft oil seals replaced.
  • Rosejoints on the rear pushrods replaced due to wear.
  • Alloy plate under engine and a variety of brackets removed.
  • Reverse gear selector permanently secured into forwards.
  • Battery re-located.

I've also ordered a new trailer and entered the first event of the season.

New Diffuser

Today, I posted a design for a new diffuser for the ADR on the F1 Technical website.  The diffuser has 3 channesl, the outer two starting at the rear of the sidepods, rising slowly under the rear wishbones, then more steeply once cleared past the wishbones.  The central section starts at the end of the rear subframe, rising steeply under the rear wing.New Diffuser

Dick Mayo Sprint

To celebrate 100 years of its existance, Bristol Motor Club held a centenary party with the Dick Mayo Sprint on Saturday, live music on Saturday night and a gathering of interesting cars on the Sunday. The Cleeve IT team turned up to compete on the Saturday, taking second place in a very strong class entry and demonstrating the car on Sunday. Happy Birthday to Bristol Motor Club!

Crystal Palace Sprint

The Cleeve IT team descended on Crystal Palace with high hopes. Sunday was a learning experience, finishing fourth overall and first in class. On Monday, with 5 runs of experience, it was time to put the pedal to the metal. After going fastest in practice, two spins in the first timed runs led to a conservative third run, third place overall and a second class win of the weekend.

Silverstone Sprint

After a solid start to the 2011 season, the Cleeve IT Solutions team arrived at Silverstone for the second round of the British Sprint Championship. A close battle and a couple of re-runs led to being pipped at the post and finishing second in class. The team is hoping for more at Crystal Palace.

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