Great Western Sprint

Today saw the first event of the season for the Cleeve IT Solutions racing team. The first event of the season also brought a first class win by a comfortable margin along with some good points for both the Bristol Speed Championship and the Junior British Sprint Championship.

Winter Update

The car is at H's Garage being readied for the new season. A new rear wing and front splitter have reduced weight and increased downforce. A new lithium battery has been procured to reduce the weight further and a data logging device and new dashboard have been installed to allow debugging of the car and driver.

Two Club Sprint

The race car has completed its first event at Colerne airfield. The final round of the British Sprint Championship made this a baptism of fire. Despite the car never having turned a wheel, it proved itself well, finishing in the middle of the class and getting below the all important 80 second mark. Video of the fastest run is on the videos page.

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